Daffodil Court Shares Experience

As the 2016 Daffodil coronation comes to a close, senior and Daffodil princess Kelty Pierce reflects on her time on the court.

“Daffodil was a great experience; I made new friends, learned lifelong skills and I loved going to other selections and watch my yellow family grow,” Pierce said.

Pierce also comments on the moment she got crowned and how it felt to hear her name being called.

“The moment I got crowned it felt surreal and when they called my name I kind of froze. I asked myself ‘is this for real?’ I was just overjoyed and it is so cool,” Pierce said.

Senior Amy Krantz talks about the real life application of being part of the court.

“Because of Daffodil I feel prepared for all future job and scholarship interviews,” Krantz said.

Senior Rebecca Martin talks about her time on the court and what she has gained from it.

“Daffodil has made me so much more confident and I am a much better public speaker. Now I have also welcomed seven amazing ladies into my family,” Martin said.

Senior Kaylee Edson, who plays club and high school fastpitch, compares her time with Daffodil to sports.

“Daffodil allowed me to experience life opportunities that sports do not provide like public speaking, being more elegant and interviewing,” Edson said.

Senior Michaela Gappa expresses her love for the girls on the court and her time with them.

“I loved getting close with all the girls and learning new life lessons. Even though I did not win I am glad I got all these great life experiences,” Gappa said.

The Daffodil court included Pierce, Krantz, Edson, Gappa, Martin, Bliss Aron, Apryl Johnson and Mikela Ventura.