Energy Drinks Present Dangers

For many students a quick caffeine jolt is a daily necessity.
However, this ritual comes with its share of risks.
Meghan Jones, a registered dietary nutritionist, spoke on the dangers of drinking energy drinks on a daily basis.
“The risk of a high consumption of energy drinks include high blood pressure, heart palpitations, dehydration and sleep deprivation. Since these drinks often times contain calories but no vitamins or other beneficial nutrition components, they are seen as empty calories,” Jones said.
Jones speaks on the dangers of athletes drinking energy drinks.
“The high amount of caffeine ingested from energy drinks can lead to dehydration, especially if you are participating in an after-school sport or physical activity,” Jones said
She also states what the average amount of caffeine a normal teen should be consuming in a day.
“It is best to consume less than 200 milligrams of caffeine a day,” Jones said
She also touches on the importance of watchful consumption and healthy drink choices.
“An energy drink every once in a while will not immediately harm your health but be smart about what you drink. Just because it is a liquid, does not mean there are not any calories,” Jones said.
Jones also articulates the importance being aware of the nutrition facts of energy drinks.
“Energy drinks are classified as a dietary supplement so they are not regulated by the FDA. Dietary supplements do not go through the same regulations and standards as our food and drinks. Because of this, energy drinks can use ingredients and label claims on the products that are not 100 percent accurate,” Jones said
Health teacher Sue Krippaehne and her student teacher Rebecca Harris also address the importance of being smart with your drink choices.
“A lot of studies have shown that having too much caffeine in your body actually inhibits the ability for your body to absorb the essential nutrients that you need,” Harris said.
Krippaehne goes on to state the reason behind needed another energy drink.
“You can have a spike in blood sugar levels if it is high in sugar. And then after the spike there is the drop and then the need for another energy drink,” Krippaehne said.
Harris adds to the comment made by Krippaehne about sugar levels.
“[Energy drinks] can make you really tired and drowsy,” Harris said.
Krippaehne expresses the importance of having a balanced diet.
“I think overall health that you might not be getting if you are all about the energy drinks is that you are not getting the essential nutrients that you should have on a daily basis. Overtime that effects a lot of your health,” Krippaehne said.