‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ Is One to Stay

Since You’ve Been Gone was a really enticing book and a good read. I feel that the plot had me wanting to keep reading until the end.

Emily Hughes is on a mission to find her missing best friend, Sloane. Emily receives a letter from Sloane with a list of 13 activities to do and finishing this list, Emily thinks she will find Sloane. On her adventure to finishing the list, Emily goes through meeting new people and doing crazy, out of character things.

I liked that the author made many plot twists. You never expect how this book will end.

I did not like how the author put too much detail into some unimportant events. She would go into too much detail and explain every little thing that did not support the book or plot.

The audience, I recommend teenage girls, should read this because it wasn’t your normal love story or adventure book. It had many elements that opened my eyes and made me think about the book.