Post Malone Album Review

Marcus Windham, Staff

The Post Malone album Beers and Bentleys came out April 27. The album features many artists such as 21 Savage and YG or Young Gangster. The album is good for someone who likes rap with a slower beat and slower pace.
I enjoyed Beers and Bentleys because I like all types of rap. Post Malone is not my favorite artists but he is someone I will listen to occasionally.
Beers and Bentleys had some songs I did not enjoy such as “Steal my Night” because I did not like the beat and none of the lyrics really stuck out to me.
“Steal my Night” was kind of plain and it sounded like mostly all of the older songs he had. I am also not that big a fan of Swae Lee so him, the beat and the song sounding unoriginal made it not a very appealing song to me.
The song I enjoyed the most was “Ball For Me,” featuring Nicki Minaj. The beat was different than most other rap songs because of the retro slow beat. I also liked that the chorus had a flow to it and the lyrics went so great with the song and actually made sense compared to other songs he had released.
The main reason for this being my favorite song was that Nicki Minaj came in with some heat.
Minaj came in from a slow song and then came in speeding. She did a great job and helped contribute to why the song was so good.
The album was one of his better ones but not my favorite; I like his last album Stoney better.