Parent Protester on Puyallup High School Campus

Parent Lisa Emmett walked in front of Puyallup High School Nov. 21 with a sign that read: “PHS Loves Bullies” on the front,  “Words Scar! Rumors Hurt! BULLIES KILL!”on the back.

Emmett said she was at PHS to shine a light on what she says is all the unchecked fighting, harassment and bullying here.

‘’My daughter was [allegedly] assaulted here,” Emmett said. “Violently and criminally assaulted and the school did nothing about it, prior they knew she had a bully.’’

The administration, however, feels that appropriate measures were taken to address this and other incidents on campus.

“We felt like we handled the situation to the best of our ability with the information that we had,’’ Principal Dave Sunich said.