Metro Boomin, the producer of NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES came out of retirement for his last album. If you like modern rap then this album was made for you, overall great songs, worth the listen.

Metro Boomin starts his final 13 songs with “10AM/Save The World,” along with rapper Gucci Mane. This song sets the subtle mood for the rest of the album. It is a good start; it has a slower beat, with Gucci Mane complimenting the song with his singing and rapping ability.

The second song Metro Boomin drops on his comeback album, “Overdue,” hit number one on Billboard Top 100 within a week of its release. Rapper Travis Scott sings to the repetitive beat of the hit song, which may be the reason the song is so popular. It is a good overall song but not the best because it doesn’t have a lot of lyrics it’s more beat than lyrics. However, it does have the best song transition between it and “Don’t Come Out The House” because both songs have the same beat so it’s like one big song.

My favorite song because it has the best beat and lyrics has to be “Don’t Come Out The House.” It’s a switch-up type beat from slow to quick, with rapper 21 Savage over it. During the slower parts of the song he whispers, which is different for him since he’s usually an aggressive person when it comes to his music. He turns into that aggressive person as soon as the beat speeds up and makes the song memorable with his sudden attitude changes.

Finally the last song Metro Boomin may ever produce or make is called “No More.” He brings out Travis Scott, 21 Savage and a new artist to the album, Kodak Black. These three well known rappers have never been in a song together, besides Kodak Black and Travis Scott who have made one song together, “ZEZE.” Metro Boomin knew these rappers would be a good mix and that’s why he brought them together for his last song. I feel this song needs to be appreciated because Travis Scott and Kodak Black come together for a great closing for the album. Now that Metro Boomin is back into retirement we won’t be hearing from him anymore.

”No Complaints” was the last song Metro Boomin made before he went into retirement the first time, he worked with Drake and Offset because they were the biggest rappers at the time and he wanted to make his last song memorable. This song wasn’t supposed to be in this album but he decide to add it to remind people of how great he was and always will be.

I feel everyone that loves rap should check out this album. It is one of the greatest album out there right now with all the features and the great beats because it sounds different than Metro Boomin’s other songs and albums. Metro Boomin has made a masterpiece that will be remembered for a long time.


1.10AM/Save The World (feat. Gucci Mane)

2.Overdue (with Travis Scott)

3.Don’t Come Out The House (with 21 Savage)

4.Dreamcatcher (feat. Swae Lee & Travis Scott)

5.Space Cadet (feat. Gunna)

6.10 Freaky Girls (with 21 Savage)

7.Up To Something (feat. Travis Scott & Young Thug)

8.Only 1 (interlude) (with Travis Scott)

9.Lesbian (feat. Gunna & Young Thug)

10.Borrowed Love (feat. Swae Lee & WizKid)

11.Only You (feat. WizKid, Offset & J Balvin)

12.No More (feat. Travis Scott, Kodak Black & 21 Savage)

13.No Complaints (feat. Offset & Drake) (Bonus)