Juice WRLD’S Versatile New Album

Megann Kinsella, News Editor

When rapper Juice WRLD tweeted that his album would drop in March 8, it had his fans highly anticipating the new sound of the diverse artist.

Juice WRLD is a 20 year old rapper who started on Sound Cloud and rose to fame after his hit song “Lucid Dreams”

The album Death Race for Love has 22 tracks which are all very different from each other. His single ‘Robbery’ showcased his vulnerable lyrical talent and vocal ability. Some other songs on the album that kept on the vulnerable vibe were “Empty” and “She’s the One” where he openly speaks about his struggles with fame, being lonely and the issues he has had with past relationships.


The album is also filled with hyped songs that will boost your mood. “Feeling” and “Big” are songs that are meant to flex Juice’s freestyling skills. He openly spoke about how he freestyled the entire album and there was no writing involved. Juice admits that writing is not effective in his creative process.


There are also collaboration songs with fellow rapper YG and singer Brent Faiyaz, both have very different styles. “ON GOD” with YG is also apart of the albums more hyped songs, whereas the interlude “Demonz” with Faiyaz is more of a calm song.


Juice WRLD is effective in proving his talent throughout the album, he is only 20 years old and has already released two very successful albums.So have a listen for yourself.