Outstanding Senior Kilee King

Megann Kinsella, News Editor

Senior Kilee King is an inspiration not for her extracurricular activities or attendance but for her perseverance and ability to spread positive energy while enduring challenges.

King will be attending Pacific Lutheran University on a full-ride scholarship for her academic achievements. King said she was driven academically by her passion for law. She wants to become a prosecuting attorney, a goal which developed from her own experience with the justice system in her youth.

The desire to help others in similar ways drives many of King’s relationships both inside and outside the classroom.

One such relationship has been with her girlfriend senior Gabby Patterson.

“She’s changed my life in ways I could never repay” said Patterson

The feeling is mutual, Kilee says she attributes her success to having the support of her mother and Patterson.

“They have always been by my side fighting with me” King said.

King also thanked her AVID teacher, Jordan Cockle, who had role in support her throughout her high school experience.  

“Kilee pushes through everything she’s been through and doesn’t use it as an excuse,” Cockle said

Cockle expressed how she’s been an inspiration throughout her struggles.