Gov. Jay Inslee extends stay home order through May 4

Meiko Johnson, Mananging editor

Gov. Jay Insee announced today the extension of the “stay home, stay safe” order until May 4. This is due, Inslee said, to the steady continuation of coronavirus-related cases and deaths in Washington state.

“The percentage of cases is going up at an increasing rate. We will not accept unnecessary deaths in our state,” Gov. Inslee said during the press conference April 2.

Washington State is taking more steps to try to decrease the amount of coronavirus related incidents that are impacting the state’s economy.

“We need to preserve lives and stay healthy,” Inslee said during the press conference. “I have confidence in the state of Washington to save the communities we love and to show the world we are committed to rebuilding them when we are past this storm.”

Inslee addressed the bravery and struggles of workers like nurses and members of the national guard who are putting themselves in harm’s way for other people’s lives.

“We try to keep everyone’s lifeboat afloat and we are having small business loans from the federal government to keep everyone on their feet,” Inslee said.

Inslee also continued to promote the idea of social distancing, which includes remaining six feet away from others at all times and avoiding crowded areas overall. He briefly mentioned how this would impact schools with the previous resumption date being April 27 according to his announcement on March 23. 

“We are having discussions about the next steps schools will take,” Inslee said.