Witches continue to cast powerful spell over viewers

October is finally here. Anne Fletcher, the director of Hocus Pocus 2, kicks off the spooky season with a sequel to a seasonal classic. Overall, this movie is an entertaining take on the original from 1993. 

 This movie takes on the perspective of the witches. While the original was more of the witches going about their daily lives, this version uses flashbacks to harken to the original, but then moves the plot forward. Winnie (Bette Midler), Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mary (Kathy Najimy) are the three witch sisters who attempt again, to take over their Salem town.  

As the movie progresses viewers may find the scenes are a little weird or strange. Some scenes placed throughout didn’t create the spooky part to the movie as I’m sure Fletcher intended. At one point, the three witches drink lotion and eat a face mask. Some of the scenes felt a little out of place and thrown in. The lotion and face mask scene was just a starter. The movie also failed to answer the mystery of the thrown in teens and how they got their power. According to fan theories, they may be the new generation of witches? While the movie was entertaining, nothing held up to the original.  

This being said, this movie felt like a very family friendly flick that’s perfect for movie night. It’s filled with laughs and giggles and heart-filled moments.  The friendships between the Sanderson sisters and between Becca, Iz and Cassie were the newly edition to movie as the newest generation for witches.  the examples of beautiful friendships. The movie also had a great plot line building to how friendships should be and the loyalty and love that is shared. I loved the way old and new friendships can begin and grow together through a few of the characters in the movie. Becca, Iz and Cassie used to be friends till a relationship was there and Ot tore them apart, as the new friendships go the originals, and the newest generation became friends at one point in the end. The movie also kept the original feeling of the Sanderson sister’s tale alive in the magic shop with the book and kept the spookiness the story of them has. 

Overall, the audience should go see a movie that is an ongoing joy of a movie for all. Grab some popcorn, get the blankets, have some drinks, snacks and watch the original Hocus Pocus to follow it up with Hocus Pocus 2.