PHS Suffers Loss


Long-time teacher Michelle Heeb passed away Monday Jan. 10 at Tacoma General Hospital. 

Heeb worked at Puyallup High School for 29 years as a Foreign Language teacher.  

Information on the memorial is still to be announced.  

Colleague and friend Leigh Mahaffie says Heeb made an impact on the community. 

“She was such a light,” said Mahaffie. “She was involved in everything; if there was something happening at PHS she had a piece in it. Not every [school] building had a Heeb. She was the one who made sure we all did our grades and did them on time and we knew how to do them, and she was always there to help.”  

Mahaffie says Heeb also had an impact on her personally.  

“I could talk to her about my life… we had a lot of similar experiences. She could help me see things in a way that I might not be able to see it,” Mahaffie said. “There’s a picture out there that says a good friend helps you find your smile, your hope, and your courage when you can’t find it yourself. That’s what she did for me, she could help me smile or find hope in a situation when I didn’t think I could.”