Spring Break Plans for Students

Daniela Anaya, Staff

With Spring Break approaching, where are people going and how are they taking a break from school after the first full year of COVID-19?  

Spring Break takes place on the second week of April 11-15.   

Intro to Med Careers teacher Pamela Reichel says she is going to spend time on the road.   

“We have an RV, a smaller one, so actually I have thought about maybe going to the coast somewhere, spending a few days there and even traveling down the coast towards Oregon, just to hang out,” Reichel said.  

Sophomore Natalia Molina says she also has plans for her Spring Break. 

“I am going to be hanging out with a friend from Mexico,” said Molina. 

Reichel says she is most excited about being able to sleep in for a bit, relaxing and overall taking a break from school. 

Molina also says she is really looking forward to going to drive around Seattle during the break with her friends. 

How would this year’s Spring Break be different from the past couple years because of COVID-19? 

 Math teacher and track coach Sandra Monaghan said that last Spring Break was different than what she anticipated this year. 

“We were training during Spring Break last year, but it was different; we were running with masks on… it will definitely be different from last year,” Monaghan said.  

Reichel also said she thinks more people will be running around doing things compared to the last two years.  

“I do think a lot more people will be out and about especially with the mask mandate ending. People would probably want to go to different places and see some different things,” Reichel said. 

Because of COVID-19 Spring Breaks have not been the same but will it be different this year now that it has calmed down? 

“Yes, I do because COVID-19 stopped you from doing things and giving people fear to go outside,” Molina said. 

“I want go to France with my kids so we can speak French, so like Paris or the south of France which ever seems more fun,” Monaghan said.  

If Monaghan would like to go to France where would Natalia and Reichel like to go? 

“I would like to go to Sweden, Finland Norway I would like to see the different areas I would actually love to go to a cruise there because I have family that are in Finland so I would love to be able to go and maybe fine some of my distant cousin’s aunts and uncles,” Reichel said.  

Unlike both teachers Molina says she would like to go somewhere a little more tropical. 

“I would go to Florida because it’s always nice and warm and the beaches are beautiful there,” Molina said.