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Christmas changes

These days it seems that in the winter almost every household is celebrating some sort of holiday.

The most commonly shared holiday appears to be Christmas.

It’s almost as if there is a jolly image of Santa Claus chuckling away or a decorated Christmas tree wherever you turn. Christmas music is usually pouring through speakers to be heard all around to remind us all of the approaching holiday season.

Christmas is slowly becoming a shared holiday among all beliefs.

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Christmas is a Christian holiday, meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Yet, why do we go to the mall and see trees and not religious symbols?

The holiday season has strayed away from its original Christian roots, to a modern joyous time of year and less of a boring religious holiday.

Christian households do seem to keep the values clear, through religious Christmas songs and religious decorations. But driving down the street, it is much more regular to see a lit up Santa and reindeer on a lawn as opposed to a nativity scene.

How has such an important religious day become a common media strung holiday?

The holidays are a very fun and family-oriented time of the year, decorations covering everything and warm loved ones all around. I know there are many non-Christian households that still set up the tree and their kids wake up to the joy of presents from Santa in the morning.

Christmas seems to no longer be a Christian holiday, although most that celebrate it are Christian. The core reason for spending the holidays celebrating is merely for the celebration factor.

Even the name is being changed; people are straying away from the term “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays.”

Although the holiday has changed a lot over the years, in my opinion the change is good.

Christmas is a very important time of the year, a time where family meets again, you see people you love whom you haven’t seen for a long time, people become close and troubles seem to melt away.

All of this good holiday season is not only shared with people who believe a certain religion but with everyone around the nation.

The holidays have grown apart from their religious roots but a time has been created where everyone can be together and be happy at the end of the year.

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