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Thoughts provoke insight


They are what give life to everything we do.

They are endless.

They are liberating.

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They are relentless.

They are invigorating.


Fading in and out of our minds; weaving through an infinite space of time: conscious and subconscious.

Thoughts define us.

We are fluctuating beings with hearts of gold; stories in our souls.

The past defines us. The present mystifies the future.

And yet, the future becomes the present and the present becomes the past. The things we value in the moment don’t quite seem to last.

Time comes as it goes.

And now we come back to thoughts. Every moment is a thought.

A memory, a love, a loss, a life.

Your life.

My life.

Everything is derived in thought.

Our thoughts.


They are what make us genuine. Your thoughts are your power. BE genuine. Be thoughtful.

If you don’t utilize this gift you’ve been given, the world will take advantage of you.


They are easily manipulated. Who we are and who the world wants us to be are two separate things. Who should you be?


Think for yourself. Think genuinely.

Inspiration is different than conformation. Don’t be like everyone else. Trust me; they are not that cool.

So evaluate yourself. What do your thoughts evoke? Do they call to a cause that others denote? Or do they express what you truly believe? When your thoughts are from YOU, you are what YOU choose to be.


We are not just living for an ending. Stop contending with such ideas.

Stop pretending.

When we think for ourselves life has a purpose. Meaning is clear. The words we hear and the surrender to the world that we force ourselves to adhere to is gone.

When will the day come when we use our thoughts as they should be? Well the choice is yours on whether or not to be free.

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