Unaffection for public displays of affection

Pretend you do not see the couple wrapped in each other’s arms as if they are not going to see one another for the next five years.

Do not make eye contact.

Keep your head down.

Let the shame of being single sink in. This has been another awkward encounter with public display of affection.

We have all been there — single or not. Nothing is worse than trying to make it to your next class while also swerving and bobbing through hormone-enraged teenagers and their significant others. If I have to side step around you because you are too preoccupied to notice I need through, then there is a problem.

Take the third floor before school for example. Basically a gigantic group date. Seven or eight couples standing, sitting and even laying in the hallway getting a nice cuddle session in before school. Walking down that hallway is the bane of my existence.

Is it really necessary to stand in such a public place — a high school hallway during passing period — and do things that are so private? You may be comfortable exposing so much of your private life to us but I am sorry but the majority do not want to see it.

When it comes to public display of affection, a little bit can go a long way. Do not be so under affectionate that no one would know you are dating but do not be all over each other either. That is just an uncomfortable mess.

I am all for hand holding. You can even give a quick hug and peck as you depart to your class. Seeing a couple be sweet to each other is refreshing; but seeing two people grab and smother one another can be nauseating.

It is a matter of respect. For your peers, your teachers, your significant other and respect for yourself. Everyone that walks by can see what you are doing. Is that the message you want to send to the rest of the student body?

It is not just the students who have an issue with PDA. Teachers especially could do without it. School is their work place and we should treat it as so.

Self-control is key. Just enjoy seeing one another in passing period. There is no real reason to be in each other’s business at any chance you get there is plenty of time for that after school hours. If you can hold off until the end of the day, you would be doing us all a huge favor.

By all means, hug them hello and give them a kiss goodbye. No one can stop you. Just try not to crowd the hallway and please — keep it PG.