Coggins reflects on school year

The second we walk through those doors our sophomore year, the countdown begins.
The moment the first bell rings on that first day, the clock starts ticking. For the sophomores, there are about 540 school days until graduation. For juniors it is 360 days.
But for the seniors, there are only 180 days left before they walk out onto that platform and receive their diplomas.
When you really think about that final countdown, there is not much time left on that clock that is ticking away faster than we all believe it to be.
The first day of school is always filled with an air of excitement for most juniors and seniors, who have stories of summer nights and adventures to share among friends who have not seen each other since June.
But for most sophomores, there is an air of nervousness hanging over them, not knowing what to expect. Fast forward to the last day of school for our beloved seniors and the aura around them has changed. It is the final day for them.
The clock has run out and all that is left for them is to say their goodbyes and embrace what is coming next with open arms. That time is close at hand and it is coming quicker than we have all anticipated.
High school is the time for firsts.
Many of us have gotten our first cars and experienced that first taste of freedom that comes along with a driver’s license. Many of us have experienced that exhilarating rush of your first love where you suddenly feel invincible and you can do anything with them at your side.
But with first love comes that world shattering heartbreak when the day comes and you both go your separate ways and suddenly it is like you cannot breathe.
For many of us, high school is the time of our lives.
For the rest of us, it is nothing more than an inconvenience in the way of our journey to get where we are supposed to be in life.
I think it is beautiful though, when you really think about it. I was extremely lucky to experience all the trials of high school this year.
I knew what it was like to fall down and stand back up again. One of my favorite sayings is “fall down seven times, stand up eight” and that saying brought a deeper meaning into my life this past year. Because it is not how far or how hard you fall that defines you but your ability to stand back up and keep on moving.
That is what really matters.
Part of growing up is learning how to get back up and move on from your fall and learning from your mistakes. I know some of us feel like the best days of are life are zooming by us right now and if we do not make the best of it, they will be gone.
The amazing thing is that the majority of our best days have not occurred yet. There are so many amazing days that are still ready to be shared.
Although the countdown is on, there are still so many days left to do something extraordinary and it is never too late to get up and start all over. As Robin Williams said in the movie “Dead Poets Society” “carpe diem; seize the day.”
Now the time has come to pass the torch, as June rapidly approaches. For seniors, it may be the end of an era but it is also the start of an age. When September comes, the cycle will begin again.
But for now, let us all enjoy the ride while we are still on it.