First-time Fair experience does not disappoint

As you all know, the Washington State Fair is a big deal to not only the state of Washington but to the fellow residents of Puyallup.

Taylor Frey, Staff

Being new to Puyallup has left me with many different things to explore but the Fair has been at Fair has been at the top of my list for things to experience. I went for the first time this last Wednesday evening, Sept. 13.

I have recently moved from a very small mountain town of in central Oregon that only had about 3,000 people. So as you could imagine the crowd at the Fair was overwhelming.

Being a small town girl, I was put in the complete opposite environment from what I was used to and I loved it. I had only been to the Fair once as a little girl and although it was long ago, the experience has not changed.

There were so many people in one place, all of them laughing and having fun. I enjoyed the loud noises of the rides, the laughter, and screaming. I loved bright lights that lit up the entire grounds.

Although I did not stay at the Fair for too long I was able to enjoy some of the classics. Going on the ferris wheel was among my favorite things I did at the Fair. I enjoyed being able to have a new point of view and perspective on the ferris wheel. There is something able being up high above everyone and being able to see all the city lights; It was a very peaceful experience.

I also went on the giant swings. I had not been on anything like that since I was a lot younger and doing it again took me back to that time.

The last thing I did at the Fair was eat one of the renowned fair scones. I had heard that the scones at the fair are to die for, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint.

All in all the Fair was a very fun experience. The constant joyous screams and laughs that filled the air, the dark sky filled up with a bundle of color, the smell of the hundreds of different foods that filled the grounds, and the sight of all the kids escaping the stresses of everyday life was something to look forward to time and time again.  I do not know if I would go to something like this regularly as it can be expensive but it is definitely something that I would do again as an outing with friends.