We Are Your Voice- October Editorial

The Viking Vanguard is a student-run publication. 

Our writers, our editors, are just like you. 

We are you. 

We attend the same classes, walk the same hallways, have the same friends. The Vanguard itself has existed for 110 years. Throughout the past century, the writers, the editors have brought the students at Puyallup High School the news you need to know, want to know and should know. 

We are a voice for our peers, for the like-minded individuals often ignored because we are too young, lacking the knowledge to form educated opinions. 

But it is really quite the contrary; we are the voices, the minds of the future. 

We have grown up in a tumultuous time with a destructive and controversial political climate. We have survived a pandemic and come out stronger than before. To say we are uneducated and too young is a statement made only by the truly ignorant and simple-minded people.

However, having a voice that can make change is a double-edged sword. We can either affect change for the better or for the worse. Keep in mind that what you say, how you act and present yourself, it leaves a mark of influence everywhere you go. So, use the gift wisely to make the world a better place.

Because your voice matters and our job at Viking Student Media is to make sure that voice is heard. We promise to do our best to keep you, the students informed, and the community informed of just how important this school is. For 110 years, Viking Student Media has brought pride to this school and served the students and community well. This year, we intend to do the same. We are your voice in a community that often tunes us out. So, let’s scream at them together and use our voices to make the changes we want to see.

This year, our publication aims to release multiple issues detailing the news within our school and cover stories relevant to our community and school as a whole. We intend to make the most of the time granted to us and make up for time lost through offering lenses into individual stories throughout Puyallup High School. We intend to ensure that your stories are heard worldwide, to prove that as high schoolers we still matter and we can make a difference if only we put forth the time and effort. We can make a change. The world needs to see as much.

Life passes us by so quickly, the years rolling on and on. Before we all know it, high school will be a distant memory, a collection of bad photos in a dusty yearbook that you never open. But these years spent in high school are also the prime of our lives. We have so much ahead of us, so much we have the ability to achieve, if we just take action. Don’t let this year pass you blindly, make a difference and make your voice heard, make it matter.

We are Viking Student Media, and we strive to accurately report the news you need to know, want to know, and should know; adhere to professional standards; and act as a voice for our peers and community.

We are your voice.