Remembering Terrence Clark

Jackson Roberts, Staff

The college and NBA basketball community were saddened to hear the passing of Terrence Clarke that took place April 22. Clarke was a shooting guard for the Kentucky Wildcats college basketball team. He was 19 years-old when he was involved in a car accident that took place in Los Angeles, CA. LAPD says Clarke was driving by himself traveling at high speed when he ran a red light and hit another car. Clarke was preparing to hear his name called whilst pursuing his lifelong dream of making it to the NBA. Going into college, he was a five-star athlete and ranked the number four prospect in the 2020 college basketball recruiting class. In his collegiate career he was a bit underwhelming averaging ten points per game, two rebounds per game and two assists per game. The 6’6 180-pound guard chose to opt into the NBA draft process and was expected to go in the late first round of the 2021 NBA draft.