Bowlingover comes hardships, perserveres

The trials that students face during their high school careers provide opportunities to learn lessons that can be utilized or avoided.
Puyallup’s girls bowling team struggled with a change in coaching staff and dwindling numbers among other adversities in their season this year.
Bowling coach Marcos Galan comments on the strength in character exhibited by his women athletes.
“Even towards the end we when were down to only four players when you need five to field a team, they still bowled their hearts out. They really kept it together for being such a small group,” Galan said.
Not only did the girls have to persevere though small numbers but an alteration in coaching midseason.
“I had to step in last minute taking over for Annie Carpenter at her request,” Galan said. “What really stood out was the fact that they were so accepting of me coaching and having the same patience for me as I had for them.”
Overcoming hardships is a quality often presented to athletes in their participation of sports.
Athletic Director Lisa Muiznieks talks about the importance of encouraging girls especially to partake in the opportunities sports provide.
“Besides the fact that sports are good for you physically, they are also good for you emotionally, mentally and socially,” Muiznieks said. “To be a part of a team. To work towards a common goal and learn what it takes to achieve something. Also to learn how to deal with it when you work towards that goal and it does not happen.”