A Note to Vanguard Readers Regarding Plagiarism

Ethan Barker, Opinion/A&E Editor

Dear Vanguard readers, 

It has recently come to our attention that a former staffer may have plagiarized from rogerebert.com for the article “Newest Batman Takes Flight,” a review of The Batman (2022).  

The Viking Vanguard and Viking Student Media do not condone this type of action and would like to apologize to our audience for letting them down by printing something that was not original work. Being honest in our report is paramount to our mission.  

Our official policy is that “The Viking Student Media staff holds accuracy in the highest esteem. Should plagiarism or fabrication of facts, data, quotes, or other information occur, a statement of apology and/or correction will be published under corrections.”  

We have taken the story down and aim to prevent this from happening in the future by double-checking the work of our staffers throughout the writing process.