Musical tastes changes as time passes

Alexis Grother, Staff

Looking back on her time in high school in 1970, alumna Lisa (Frederickson) Bergman says she has many memories associated with music.  

 “‘Unchained Melody’ by The Righteous Brothers is a song that reminds me of high school. They played it at dances all the time. I didn’t have a boyfriend, but that song with the right boy dancing with me would make me swoon,” Bergman said. 

 Many people today enjoy going to concerts, just as they did in 1970. 

Bergman went to a Three Dog Night concert when she was in high school. She says she also had the opportunity to meet the band, but because of some uncomfortable circumstances, she turned the opportunity down. Bergman says she wished she could have seen The Rolling Stones or The Beatles, but she did not start listening to their music until later on in her life.  

The Creedence Clearwater Revival song, “Down on the Corner,” made number 7 on the Billboard top 100 list in 1970. Bergman admits that this was her favorite band in high school. She believes that they were the band most popularly listened to across Puyallup High School in 1970.  

 One memory that Bergman says she has growing up involved music and popular musicians. Bergman and her parents were staying at the same hotel as The Turtles in California when they were on tour. Because of this, she was even able to spend some time with one of the band members. 

 “The Turtle guy asked me my favorite song and I said ‘Happy Together’. It was a lie, I didn’t love ‘Happy Together’ but the question threw me and I didn’t know all their songs. I really liked the song ‘Outside Chance’, which they made later, and I really liked that song because when I went to Fife High School the cheerleaders had a great routine done to it,” Bergman said 

 Bergman says that her musical tastes have evolved since high school.  

 “I still like songs from high school but now I listen to softer music. I told myself at your age when I listen to elevator music, I know I will be officially old. Well, it happened,” Bergman said 

 Bergman admits that she doesn’t go to concerts anymore because she says they are “too hard on the ears.”  

Bergman says she listens to Lady Gaga and a lot of World Music now.