“Improv” Club Creates Positive Environment

All around the halls are posters boasting of a club: “Outside of [You]: Improv.”

But what is it?

The Outside of [You]: Improv club is a club that plans and executes spontaneous events to make other people’s days better.

“They have written thank you cards to random people or to teachers or friends,” club adviser Colleen Pancake said. “They have come up with a lot of ideas that have not quite gotten approved yet.”

Being very young at only a few months old, the Outside of [You]: Improv club has been working on expanding their numbers.

“Lately we have been trying to get the word out about it,” club secretary senior Lenzy Moore said. “We have only six or seven members and most of them are seniors. We want this club to keep on going, so we need more sophomores.”

Another issue the Outside of [You]: Improv club has been dealing with is getting their ideas approved.

“It is hard because the school wants everything authorized and what we want to do is spontaneous,” Moore said. “Being spontaneous we have to make sure it is authorized at the same time because they are super strict about all the rules that we have because some people would take offense to some things.”

The spontaneity of the club is a big part of its structure.

“I decided to call the club Outside of [You]: Improv because all of our events will be random and they will all happen in hopes to brighten someone’s day,” club president senior Hayley Mascaro said. “The improv bit just means our ‘outside of you’ events will take people by surprise.”

Mascaro was the one who originally came up with the idea of the club.

“I started the club because I noticed a lot of negativity around me at school and it was really getting to me so I decided to try my best to make school a positive environment,” Mascaro said. “I know a lot of people, including myself, have negative lives at home so school is somewhere they need to feel safe and I would like to make it that way.”

The Outside of [You]: Improv club meets every Wednesday after sixth period in room 209 and is open to everybody.