Changes Set to Come in New Year

Margo Hermann, Digital Media Editor

The beginning of every year brings an opportunity for change. Many people set their yearly goals in early January and these goals go on to define the outcome of their year. But for some people at Puyallup High School, change is a more complicated concept. 

For senior Samantha Tungsvik the typical tradition of setting a New Year’s resolution often proves ineffective. 

“I like the idea of a New Year’s Resolution because you think what you want, but I just feel like people don’t normally stick to the resolution. I try to set affirmations rather than resolutions because I feel like those come true. A resolution is, ‘I want to do this’, but an affirmation is, ‘I’m going to do this,’” Tungsvik said. 

This year, Tungsvik says she plans on rethinking the way she sets goals. She hopes that by working hard and modifying her mindset, she can achieve positive change in the new year. 

“I want to procrastinate less. I do it a lot, I set goals but then I never stick to them. I just want to set more routines. I feel like I will start working harder, even though I went a long way last year, especially in school and my sport, softball. I feel like I will work harder at those things and work on them every day so I can get better,” Tungsvik said. “I want to have the best mindset I can. To just keep that positive mindset and not let negative thoughts bring me down.” 

Junior Elexus Sumner says she also wants to focus on positivity in the new year.  

“I would like to change my attitude and how I see things. My perspective on some things is super negative and it should probably be a little more neutral,” Sumner said. 

Sumner believes that while the world has already begun to become more open compared to years spent in the COVID-19 lockdown, people will only continue to seek new experiences in 2023. 

“I think everybody will start to be more open, people will be more willing to travel and see things in the new year,” Sumner said.  

However, while many people see the new year as an opportunity for a positive shift, for others the idea of change is anxiety-inducing. Reflecting on changes in her own life, AP Government and AP Seminar teacher Erin Montoya explains that while change can be difficult, moving through it is important. 

“I’ve had some challenges in my life where I don’t want things to change. Everything is happy and then something terrible happens and it is forced to change. The sad part is really, really hard. But when you look back on the other side, change can lead us to some good things,” Montoya said. 

According to Montoya, change is an inevitable part of living. Montoya encourages others to accept the change in their lives and to develop with it. 

“It is okay to be afraid and to process, to take your time with change. But things do change, everything changes. Your environment, your friends, your passions, your goals, yourself. It all changes. The more we can embrace that change and be excited by it, the easier I think it is for us to get to the other side of the fear. It is okay to be afraid and to have emotions but realize that it is all going to be okay in the end,” Montoya said.