Starbucks Red Cups Cause Controversy

Bailee Doman, Staff

Many people know of the current holiday hubbub surrounding the Starbucks red cups. A man by the name of Joshua Feuerstein started the whole fiasco when he posted a video on the internet about how Starbucks hates Christmas.
The company apparently hates Christmas because their holiday cup is red and they did not add any festive designs. Feuerstein told people to boycott Starbucks because of the cup.
Do we not have anything else to worry about other than the style of a cup?
People were posting all over social media in agreement and disagreement to Feuerstein’s argument.
There is a lot of unrest over a cup that holds hot liquids; furthermore this entire ordeal is has been blown way to out of proportion.
When I first heard about the controversy I asked myself if this was actually happening. Did someone actually get mad because of a red cup? I thought this was a joke.
The holiday season is getting way too commercialized and we are losing what Christmas is all about. It is about giving more than just presents, red cups and how cheap you can get your next flat-screen.
It is about spreading cheer and doing good deeds.
Why are we focused on the style of a cup? There is so much more in the world to focus on, even though we tend to focus on the presents or the great deals we got at the mall. The real focus should be on objects that cannot be bought in a store.
Feuerstein was looking at the whole situation through the eyes of someone of religion. However not all religious people look at this situation the same.
But that does not change the fact that a cup should not be the focus of the Christmas season. Neither should anything you can buy at a store.
The holidays should be less focused on superficial items and more on the people around you. Get together with your family and focus on the relationships you have and appreciate them.