How the World Ends

Autumn Scriven, Staff

This is the end of the world.

Where the fighting never seems to end, and violence destroyed the earth.

This is how it begins: two kids getting into a disagreement, whether it was small or big we may never know but the one fight led to the end.

Years later they become adults and never forget what happened.  

They both became important figures for two different governments. The government of dark and the government of light.

The two governments had gotten along together for years, but that would all change.

One day the two adults saw each other again. Recognizing each other they immediately started the argument where they left off so long ago. It was all words until they started cursing and that’s when fists started to get involved. One through a punch at the other and the other, in return, kicked back. They were soon stopped, by their colleagues and their bosses  threatened to fire them if they were seen fighting again. But that didn’t stop them.

When everyone in their governments went home one day both adults started to sabotage important places at their work and left clues that the other one did it.

The people in the dark and light governments were furious. Each started throwing accusations at each other, not bothering to hear out the other sides claims.  

After days of fighting the light government declared war and set off an explosion that killed thousands of the dark government’s people. The dark government responded in doing the exact same thing.  

After millions were killed dark government figured the war had gone on long enough and launched a nuclear bomb on the light government to push them to surrender. Millions more were killed and their land became unlivable, but the light government did not surrender.

Instead they sent three nuclear bombs back. This continued until most of the world was unsurvivable.  

The two adults realized their argument was never worth destroying the world and the human race. They begged their bosses to not launch another nuclear bomb that would most likely end the world.  

Both bosses said no, so the adults both got the rest of their people to help him convince him otherwise. Their minds didn’t change, they were going to launch the missile.  

Then both adults got on their knees and begged for them to stop.  

Both adults confessed, confessed that they sabotaged everything just so they could get revenge on the other.

“If you didn’t want this to happen then you should never have continued the fight, let alone dragged the rest of us with you,” The bosses said.  

Both adults begged for forgiveness. The bosses told them no for they have ended the world and pressed the button killing the rest of humankind and the earth.

I would tell you what argument ended the world  but the truth is, it could have been any argument because no matter how small a fight is if not resolved the right way could destroy a world.