Bartenhagen Finds Career in Teaching

Sylvia Bartenhagen is a graduate from the class of 1969.
After graduating from Puyallup High School, she moved to Boise Idaho. She became a teacher in the Nampa School District and taught for 41 years before retiring.
An important part about teaching is keeping your classroom under control. If you don’t keep your class in order things can quickly get out of hand and things can get rambunctious. Twenty-50 percent of new teachers quit in their first year because of this problem.
“The best thing I learned to do when a classroom is rowdy is first off not yell, but stay calm and collected,” Bartenhagen said.
Many educators have reasons for wanting to teach. Some teach for the joy of educating others and being able to grow as a person through their students.
“I fell in love with the atmosphere of teaching and the new perspective that [my] students gave to me,” said Bartenhagen.
Some people like to keep their lives to themselves. Bartenhagen didn’t have anything to say about her life after retirement or what she has been up to.
“If I got to do what I love after retiring that’s what matters to me the most,” Bartenhagen said.
Through Bartenhagen’s career she learned the importance of a child’s education and what a good learning experience can do for them.