Kassidy Hamilton Senior Photos

Paige Taylor, Staff

 When senior Kassidy Hamilton made the decision of where to have her senior photos taken, she says the choice was fairly easy.

Hamilton chose a location that was one of her favorite places: her childhood farm.

“Some of my senior pictures were taken on my farm where I’ve raised all my animals and lived on for the past few years,” Hamilton said.

Other locations Hamilton debated held sentimental value to her, all important places in her childhood.

“I would probably take my pictures up at Crystal Mountain during the winter in the snow with my snowboard because I worked and grew up there,” Hamilton said.

Many seniors have made two sessions for senior pictures so then they can do a fall and spring session. Hamilton had been one of those seniors she explains when she had done them and where.

“I took one session in November and one session in May. I had done a fall and spring session so one, I could get pictures of how much I’ve changed in a year and two I wanted pictures with my cap and gown on For the fall session it was at Steilacoom Park in Tacoma and the spring session was in my yard in Enumclaw,” Hamilton said.

Many seniors plan out what they are going to wear so then some of the outfits that they wear have a personal meaning to them. Hamilton explains what she wore and why.

“My favorite outfit I wore was my jeans and softball jersey because that represents me the best, I don’t like dressing up all too much I had taken some pictures with my letterman’s jacket and my softball because I’ve played my whole life,” Hamilton said.

This year Hamilton had taken pictures with a special person and or family member for some of her photos.

“I took some pictures with my sister because she is also graduating this year from college,” Hamilton said.