Texting better than calling?

Raquel Amato, Opinions

With texting being one of the most popular communicational advances, it is rare to find someone who does not have a cell phone or does not text people. In fact, the average amount of texts sent across the globe in one year is approximately 8.6 trillion, according to a Portio study.

Before the invention of the telephone, people wrote letters and had morse code to communicate non-vocally. Technology is on the rise in the world today and texting just happens to be one of the main ways to communicate.

The hard thing about texting is that you can rarely tell someone’s emotion through a few words on a screen. Luckily, that issue is usually fixed by the use of an emoji.

From traffic cones and clouds to dogs and a bright yellow laughing face, emojis are virtually limitless with their uses.

Texting someone is the perfect was to be discreet in a quiet place, reminding someone of something or even invitations. Yes, people can email others and yes, people can use other forms of communication but it is so much easier to send a simple text.

Texts have become so normal that if you have a smartphone, you can actually tell your phone to send a text to someone in your contacts. There are so many great features of texting with a smartphone, iPhones now offer a “Do Not Disturb” setting so that while you are driving and someone texts you, your phone sends an automatic reply saying “Do Not Disturb” is on. How cool is that?

    As a daily user of iMessage, I think texting is absolutely my favorite thing. Living with social anxiety has made my use of texting more than likely above the average person’s.

    With phone calls, it can sometimes be difficult to understand what someone is saying because of choppy service. With text messages, you can read the text and get the full effect of what the person is saying.

    Along with being able to see everything the person on the other side is trying to say, you have time to process and form a dedicated response to them. If you are running around doing a bunch of errands, it gets hard being on the phone and driving a shopping cart around.

    Overall, I believe texting is the best way to go for communication. It avoids interruptions, tone can be sensed with adorable, limitless emojis and you have time to fully process and appreciate what someone else has to say.