Viking heads to Stanford

Katie Abegglen, Multi-Media Editor

You may have heard of Puyallup High School senior and Stanford University admittee Benjamin Limric for a few reasons. 

You may recognize the name from your history or English teacher Mychal Limric, father to both Ben and his sister, incoming junior, Erewyn. 

Most likely you know Ben Limric for his accomplishments and performances as a pianist. Limric has been playing and composing competitively for many years. 

Notably, he has composed a piano quintet for a workshop competition that was debuted by the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall. Although, he notes that it was never really about competing. 

“I think my greatest accomplishment as a pianist was when I placed first and won the region for WMEA solo and ensemble, but I enjoy playing for fun more than I enjoy competitions. My favorite moments are when I perform medleys at concerts, or when I play covers for my friends,” Ben Limric said. 

Having been born with something called perfect pitch, the ability to recognize musical notes by ear, playing covers and improvising has always come naturally and has helped him fine-tune his practice. 

As of this spring, Ben Limric has accepted his offer of admittance into Stanford University, a decision that was not difficult to make. 

“I was lucky enough to get to visit Stanford last summer and it was clear that it was a creative and dynamic campus. Their emphasis on exploration and student growth sounded really exciting, not to mention the sunny weather,” Ben Limric said.

Ben Limric plans on double majoring in music with an emphasis on composition and biology. He says he also plans to explore his interest in public policy.